The Feast of your Life

Lyrics to a popular Greek song: Take my hand and dance with me, my love, I am so in love with you that I cannot stand it anymore”

The soundtrack of your life begins with the songs that shall accompany you the most special day of your life.
Every memory is music and we always leave people with the best memories, turning their wedding day to a genuine romantic and high-spirit feast which begins from escorting the bride down the aisle and ends at the very last dance of the night.

We are four musicians and friends who have been sharing our passion for the Greek  traditional music and have loved accompanying beautiful couples on their wedding day for the past seven years. Personal contact with the couple and tailor-made wedding parties are of great importance to us. This is how we finally end up with a unique, modern, quality and… “xefrago”, that is wild, party!

Xefrago Ambeli promises an unforgettable musical experience that marries the spontaneity of a traditional Greek feast with the high spirits and liveliness of modern entertainment!


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